Haruka no Hanashi

 Welcome to Haruka no Hanashi. this is a unique coming of age story about Haruka, a young girl who finds herself in the body of a boy. it follows her as she struggles to cope with her new gender and how she learns to rely more and more on the one friend who has always been beside her. but now that she's changed, will his feelings for her change too? Haruka no hanashi is a touching tale of self discovery and self acceptance. see how two best friends' relationship will be put through a series of test that neither could have predicted and neither could have survived alone.

      please excuse all my poor grammar and bad English. I'm still studying. please continue to read the story as they are posted chapter by chapter. anyway i hope you will enjoy this story. it is an original gender bender, with hints of shonen ai, and suggestive adult content. it is not fanfic. all the characters, plots and stories are original (as much as they can be in this day and age). there are pictures and some parts of a comic that go with it. i hope to some day post the entire series as a comic...but i may need help toning it. as i'll only be posting the line art. sorry. anyway thanks and read on.


    Title Text.

I love to hear what you think of the story! also my english is bad, so grammar helps would be appreciated, but please be kind in the approach. please give any comments on pictures or story. thank you
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