Haruka "Fujiwara" Kurosawa

Haruka is a fun loving tomboy that makes the bold proclamation that she is a boy from the age of 7. She derides anyone who says other wise or treats her like a girl. She spends all her time with her best friend Tomo. They have known each other since kindergarten and since then have become inseparable. one night while attending a carnival, she finds that after riding a rather suspicious ride her body has changed. She has actually become a boy. the one thing she has always wanted. or so it seems. how will Haruka react to her new body and what is the real reason for always claiming to be a boy?

Tomo Fujiwara

Tomo is your average everyday junior high boy, with one exception. his best friend is a tomboy girl who is more like boy than himself. the two of them have been friends since before he can remember. he and Haruka have shared a huge number of experiences together, from getting into trouble to saving lives (of small animals mostly) but there is a time in Tomo's life that Haruka knows nothing about and he will do all in power to keep it that way.
Over the years Tomo's feelings of friendship and admiration have shifted to a more romantic kind of affection. Tomo keeps these things to himself waiting for the right moment to tell his oblivious best friend. when she is turned into a boy Tomo doesn't know how to react or how to sort out his feelings or her. but he doesn't let that stop from protecting her from a world he never thought he would have to share with her.

Rika Kurosawa

Rika is the masculine side of Haruka's personality run amok in Haruka's female body, which she stated claim to after Haruka became a boy. Because it was too confusing to have two Harukas in class Tomo suggested the nickname Rika for her. she is out to get Tomo and to ruin Haruka so she can keep her body. With Rika in charge Haruka's appearance has changed dramatically. She went from Tomboy to Diva overnight and is steadily gaining the attention of her fellow classmates.